Are you looking for the lyrics to the classic children’s song “Where is Thumbkin”? Look no further! Here, we have the complete lyrics to this beloved nursery rhyme that kids adore. Let’s dive in and sing along with joy .

1. Introduction to “Where is Thumbkin”

“Where is Thumbkin” is a delightful fingerplay song that children love to sing and act out. It’s not only fun but also helps in developing fine motor skills.

2. The Origin of “Where is Thumbkin”

This traditional fingerplay has been passed down through generations, making it a timeless favorite among children and adults alike.

3. Understanding the Lyrics

The lyrics of “Where is Thumbkin” are simple and repetitive, making it easy for young children to learn and sing along.

4. First Verse: “Where is Thumbkin”

The first verse of the song introduces us to Thumbkin, the main character, and sets the tone for the rest of the song.

5. Second Verse: “Here I Am”

In this verse, Thumbkin responds to the call and proudly declares his presence.

6. Third Verse: “How Are You Today, Sir?”

This part of the song introduces another finger character and encourages interaction and engagement.

7. Fourth Verse: “Very Well, I Thank You”

The conversation continues as Thumbkin responds politely, teaching children manners in a fun way.

8. Fifth Verse: “Run Away, Run Away”

Here, Thumbkin bids farewell and scurries away, adding an element of movement and excitement to the song.

9. Sixth Verse: “Where is Pointer”

The focus shifts to another finger character, keeping the song dynamic and engaging.

10. Seventh Verse: “Here I Am”

Similar to Thumbkin’s response, Pointer confidently announces his presence in this verse.

11. Eighth Verse: “How Are You Today, Sir?”

The conversation repeats, providing ample opportunities for children to participate and interact.

12. Ninth Verse: “Very Well, I Thank You”

Just like Thumbkin, Pointer expresses gratitude politely, reinforcing positive social behaviors.

13. Tenth Verse: “Run Away, Run Away”

Pointer, too, bids adieu and dashes away, encouraging children to move and be active.

14. Eleventh Verse: “Where is Tall Man”

The introduction of a new character adds variety and keeps the song fresh and exciting.

15. Twelfth Verse: “Here I Am”

Tall Man makes his presence known, standing tall and proud.

16. Thirteenth Verse: “How Are You Today, Sir?”

The pattern continues as Tall Man engages in polite conversation.

17. Fourteenth Verse: “Very Well, I Thank You”

Tall Man expresses his gratitude gracefully, modeling good manners for children.

18. Fifteenth Verse: “Run Away, Run Away”

With a swift farewell, Tall Man exits the scene, prompting children to mimic his movements.

19. Sixteenth Verse: “Where is Ring Man”

The song introduces yet another character, keeping children intrigued and entertained.

20. Seventeenth Verse: “Here I Am”

Ring Man steps forward, ready to join in the fun.

21. Eighteenth Verse: “How Are You Today, Sir?”

The conversation ensues, fostering communication skills in children.

22. Nineteenth Verse: “Very Well, I Thank You”

Ring Man expresses gratitude, teaching children the importance of being thankful.

23. Twentieth Verse: “Run Away, Run Away”

With a cheerful goodbye, Ring Man takes his leave, prompting children to wave goodbye.

24. Conclusion: Fun and Learning with “Where is Thumbkin”

“Where is Thumbkin” is not just a song; it’s a fun and interactive way for children to learn fingerplay, social skills, and manners while having a blast.

25. Sing Along and Enjoy!

Now that you’re familiar with the lyrics, gather the little ones around, and sing along to “Where is Thumbkin” for hours of laughter and joy!

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