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You have come to the right place to know about the preconditions framed by SEBI for the NSE of India to proceed with its IPO. You are not alone in understanding it, as millions of investors worldwide want to know it to invest in the world’s largest derivatives exchange and one of the most profit-making exchanges to yield high returns. Also, because of the NSE grey market price, it is over 3,000 rupees as per the latest developments.  

SEBI, the Indian government’s watchdog for securities and commodity trading, has been postponing the approval of NSE’s proposal for its IPO or initial public offering for many years. However, for many reasons, SEBI has delayed the NSE’s attempts to launch its IPO since 2016. Again, in December 2023, SEBI framed a new list of preconditions for NSE to adhere to within a year to proceed with its IPO. 

So, continue reading this blog until the end to know the list of preconditions framed by SEBI ahead of NSE’s IPO for you to end your wait to trade in one of the largest exchanges in terms of market capitalisation. 

What is the National Exchange stock price?

Before diving deep into the list of SEBI’s preconditions for NSE’s IPO, it is essential to know NSE’s grey market price. In June 2023, the Bank of Baroda, which has 0.42% or 2.1 million NSE shares, wanted to sell them. It is because of the continuous delay by SEBI in approving the NSE IPO for many like BOB and others like SBI, LIC, and others to sell their NSE holdings. Bank of Baroda fixed the NSE stock price at Rs. 3,150 per share to make the NSE value around 19.1 billion dollars or 1.57 trillion rupees. Though the NSE share price of BOB is 16 to 19% lower than that of the 2021 price of Rs. 3,650 to 3,750, it is triple the NSE stock price than that of its 2020 price and also 20 times that of its rival exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange price. 

What are the preconditions framed by SEBI for NSE IPO?

Knowing about the recent NSE stock price, it is time to see when you can buy it from the exchanges. For that, you need to see the list of current conditions framed by SEBI for NSE of India to proceed with its IPO. Most of the conditions are for NSE to avoid previous issues faced by it in the past. The problems include the alleged co-location scam, SAT or Securities Appellate Tribunal setting aside the SEBI’s Rs. 624 crore disgorgement order, a four-hour outage halting NSE trading on February 24, 2021, and others. 

So, check out the list of preconditions framed by SEBI for NSE to go ahead with its IPO. 

  • Should resolve all pending legal issues
  • Must improve the corporate governance structure
  • Should enhance the technological structure
  • Must remain glitch-free for a minimum of one year

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